As this site grows and evolves, more FAQ's will be posted here to assist you as you browse and register for events on this site. If you have any questions about this site, you can send them in through a Technology & Information Services Work Order. Please be sure to use the 'website' category when submitting your work order.



Q. How do I login to this site?

A. To login to this site, you must be an employee of School District No. 38 (Richmond). To login, you will use your username and the same password you use for your email or Richnet Portal access. You do not login with your email address. ie: login with jsmith, not jsmith@sd38.bc.ca


Q. How do I unregister for an event?

A. You can unregister for events at any time. To delete a registration, click the 'My account' link in the upper white menu bar. On this page, you'll see a list of your current registrations along with a link to delete that active registration.


Q. How can I view/print a receipt or summary of details for an event I've registered for?

A. You can view a summary of your event registration by clicking on the 'My account' link in the upper white menu bar. For each registration, a confirmation ID is created. If you click on the confirmation ID in this list and you'll be able to view and then print the details of your event registration.


Q. I'm an event facilitator, how can I download a list of the people who have registered for my event?

A. From the 'My account' page, you should see a list of events you've been given access to. From here, you can click 'View' under the Registrations column. Next, you'll see a page that lists all of the registrations for your particular event with instructions on how to download this data as a CSV file.