UDL Book Club: Ensouling our schools

Event Date & Time
December 13th 2022 3:30pm
Cambie Secondary School
Location Room
2nd floor C Wing Learning Service Collab Space
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"In an educational milieu in which standards and accountability hold sway, schools can become places of stress, marginalization, and isolation instead of learning communities that nurture a sense of meaning and purpose. In Ensouling Our Schools, author Jennifer Katz weaves together methods of creating schools that engender mental, spiritual, and emotional health while developing intellectual thought and critical analysis.

Kevin Lamoureux contributes his expertise regarding Indigenous approaches to mental and spiritual health that benefit all students and address the TRC Calls to Action."

Join Haley, Jacquie, and Ellen to explore Jennifer Katz's book, "Ensouling our Schools". Participants will receive a copy of the book and meet four times in-person to explore and discuss the concepts from the text in relation to their own practice. Please view the dates and consider your availability prior to registering. 

Meeting Dates:

December 13th

January 17th 

February 22nd 

March 29th 

Time: 3:30-4:45

Ensouling our Schools
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