Boxcars and One-eyed Jacks Math Games for Grades 4-9

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October 4th 2022 3:30pm
IDC Sea Island
Location Room
Room 10
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This hands-on workshop is designed to help support new teachers with implementing hands-on games, activities and manipulatives into their daily math instruction.  Throughout the workshop participants will learn strategies which support a game or activity and then have an opportunity to play the game or activity with a partners during the workshop (we'll use "breakout" rooms for partner/group play).  EASY to use strategies for managing and differentiating the games and activities will be modelled and shared throughout the session.

This session will be in-person at IDC but our presenter will be joining us via Zoom.   All participants will receive a kit of manipulatives that will be used throughout the workshop that can then be used in your classroom. 

Target audience: Early Career Teachers, Grades 4-9 classroom teachers and Learning Resource Teachers

Time: 3:30-5:00pm

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